Adding Games To Your Blogger Blog


As bloggers, our duty is to provide interesting and attractive articles, mostly in the form of texts, images and videos, but what if I wanted to start an online gaming blog, that is a blog that not only informs my audience on the latest games and gaming gadgets but one that allows users to come and enjoy playing games directly on my blog. But is this possible with blogger? Where would I get these games? How would I add them to my blog?

In this tutorial we will answer all of the latter questions.

This tutorial will show you how to add flash games to any blogger blog. Flash games or flash files are files ending with ‘.swf’.

Where can I get free flash games?

There are a lot of sites online that allows you to use their flash games on your blog. A simple search in Google brings up a number of these sites, for example try searching the phrase “free flash games for websites”, you should see a number of these sites pop-up in the search results. Here is a list of these sites


Most of these sites give you an embed code เว็บแทงบอล that you can add to your site, the embed code will add the flash player to your blog and a link to the actual game. This is a common method used to add games to websites. Some of these sites also give you the option of hosting the game on your server, seeing that blogger does not allow you to host flash files, you can host the file elsewhere and use the link to the hosted file in your embed code. However this method is optional it is much easier to use the embed code you are given, the file would have already been hosted for you.